Certified SOC Engineer

Certified SOC Engineer

Certified Security Operation Center  (SOC) Engineer is a course that will help the candidates to earn the technical skills which are in demand. SOC engineer is the one who is responsible for building and maintaining, analyzing Security Posture of an organization.

Course Highlights

SOC engineer will be the one who identifies, monitors and responds to the security breaches in an organization. This job demands great attention and general knowledge and awareness for all things in the cyber security domain. To attain knowledge in such a way, it’s important to get trained from the most prominent platform.

Simplified Learning Ecosystem

  • This entry level course is targeted toward anyone who is interested to become SOC Engineer .

Extra Bonus

  • Real-like project-based implementation
  • Fully equipped hi-tech online lab session

Real-like Hacking Scenarios

  • Hands-on delivery of critical security essentials including ethical hacking, penetration testing.

Get Certified

  • Course completion certificate by RedTeam360.

Our Happy Students !

vishnu balan

Vishnu Balan

I am happy to be a part of RedTeam

” This was the first class about Ethical Hacking. It gave many pieces of knowledge & skills on a basic level. I consider this as a gateway towards my career.”


It was a real pleasure to be part of RedTeam

” Because of the RedTeam, I got to know more about cyber security information. The classes were very much interesting “


Shemi Iqbal

The contents they teach are very understanding

” They teach the basics of cybersecurity so we can make a strong foundation for our careers.”​

Start Your Career as A Cyber SOC Engineer

SOC Engineer earns average base pay of around $71,000 per year.

Why Certified SOC Engineer?

A SOC engineer is entitled as security advisor of the security operations center. As he/she has to monitor the security threats towards the IT infrastructure and digital assets of an organization,  calculate the weaknesses and instruct for possible improvements, architecture design, deployments and they need to have experience in both theory and practical side of the job.

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Introduction to Course

Certified SOC Engineer

Course Content

Module 1 : Basics of SOC

  • Introduction
  • Why SOC is Required
  • Team Member of SOC and their Responsibilities
  • Understanding Cyber Threats
  • Host Level Attacks
  • Role of SIEM in SOC

  • How a SOC works and Best Practices
  • Security Infrastructure ,Prevention and Operations
  • Security Incident Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Incident Management
  • Incident Detection
  • Ticket Creation
  • Validation Of Incident
  • Log Management

  • SOC Functions
  • Incident Response
  • Incident Response Phases
  • Initial Response
  • Containment
  • Incident Classification
  • Log Rentention and Archival
  • Log and Evidence Collection
  • Log Analysis
  • Forensics Analysis
  • Eradication
  • Recovery
  • Review update of IR policy procedure
  • Report Making
  • Malware Analysis
  • IR through WMI
  • SOC Level
  • Cybersecurity Activities as per NIST
  • Cybersecurity Standards
  • Need for Next Generation SOC
  • SIEM Implementation
  • Splunk Implementation and Onboarding Machines
  • Log Search in Splunk
  • Logs Correlation
  • Endpoint Investigation Analysis Tools
  • FIM Tools
  • Endpoint Antivirus
  • IOC Creation Demo

The classes were very much interesting and because of the RedTeam, I got to know more about cyber security information. Their teaching method and procedure were of high quality and lend a helping hand towards my future


Course Plan

Covering 360 degree learning contents for Cyber SOC, Starts from fundamentals of Cyber SOC, SOC Workflow, Operations and Management, Standards and regulations and hands-on SIEM practicals makes this program unique for SOC L1 skillsets.


  • 7 Hours 20 Minutes

Mode Of Learning

  • On-demand Recorded Classes

Class Schedule

  • Your Time
  • Your Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Certified SOC Engineer certification for?

Certified SOC Engineer certification from RTHA, is a globally valued credential that validates your know-how in analyzing the security posture of connected devices, systems, and networks.

What skills does CSE training delivers?

RTHA’s CSE program instills an in-depth understanding of proven tools, technologies, and best practices to identify potential threats using SIEM and EDR Solutions. Candidates master various aspects of deploying, analyzing, detecting and pro-active security optimizations in a fully-equipped lab environment to attain hands-on experience.

What is the need of Cyber SOC Engineers?

The Cyber SOC is a facility where all the connected devices, objects, and/ or networks that may collect, analyze and defend any security events. SOC is very crucial for organizations to pro-actively understand the security posture of an organization.

What will I achieve after completing this certification?

After successful completion of this certification course, you will be awarded the highly-valued credentials of Certified SOC Engineer.

Start Your Career as A Cyber SOC Engineer.

SOC Engineer earns average base pay of around $71,000 per year.

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